Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Two Donut Weekend

This weekend was a 48 hour whirlwind that involved a football game, a bridal shower and a 20th high school reunion. It was so fast and crazy that I'm not even sure if I did any of it, course that could be the late nights talking.

This is my niece-to-be, Miranda. And no, I don't stand next to her in any picture, in case you were wandering. She's not only beautiful, she's smart and loving and seems to be making my nephew a happy guy, so she's of course great in my book. I'm looking forward to their beautiful wedding in November.

And these lovely people are a few members of my graduating class. We look like a happy bunch in this picture, and of course we did a ton of laughing at and with each other last night. The turn out was slightly disappointing (I graduated with about 38) but we had a really good time anyway. The spouses were not pictured, so there were a few more people there. I also got to see a some classmates at the football game Friday night as well. When you come from a small town and a small school you bond a lot more with your classmates. We really do miss each other and it was great catching up. We even called a classmate of ours in Alaska and put him on speaker phone.
It was a great weekend, my head is spinning from lack of sleep and my house looks like a cyclone hit it, but there's nothing better in my book than spending time with people you love.

It could be even better than donuts.... there I said it, I love you more than donuts.

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