Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fair Part 2

Every year I leave the kids with Deer Slayer riding rides and I steal away to walk/run through some of the buildings. I always wanted to be in 4 H as a kid, enter a sewing project or garden club project, walk around the ring with an animal of some kind, while wearing a wool outfit.
The giant pumpkins are one of my favorite things at the fair. They look like you feel after eating fair food all day. I forgot to tell you that my new favorite food there was pepper jack fried cheese on a stick, mmmmm. Oh, and pulled pork nacho's with sour cream and jalapenos. Thanks Kathy and Val for those hot tips... get it, pepper jack, jalapenos....ok, back to the giants.

I camped out by this one for a while and listened to everyone gasp, that was fun.

I'm not really sure what these are, or why they are strapped down, nothing else was strapped down, course whose going to walk out with a 1200 lb squash.

Display after display of beautiful vegetables.

These 'scare crows' were displayed in the midst of all the vegetables, Deer Slayer should watch out for this one.
These flowers were huge, softball, dessert plate, baby head huge.

And this one was my favorite.

Rides and animals still to come.....It's a really big fair.

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