Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Share the Love Day Three

Day three of my quest to get my blogging mojo back brings us to Polly and Yoga is Yummy. Lest you think I do Yoga, I should say that I don't... yet. This girl does a lot of yoga, she's an instructor and expertly trained. If you like yoga, this is the site for you. Let me tell you why I read it. The tall one in the middle is one of my very best friends from childhood. Polly is his wife. I've known her since probably '92 or so, but have had limited contact as they live 5 hrs away. A mutual friend told me that Polly had a blog. I looked it up immediately, and I was hooked. When I saw her green smoothies, almond butter, and coconut encrusted chicken, I knew we were soul sisters. She sings the donut praise, and sports the occasional donut t-shirt just like me. I think I've made all the recipes in her list at least twice. Most of all what I love about her and her blog is that I always come away inspired and smiling and hungry. She's a connection to my past and I've found that as life goes on that is a good thing. Her beautiful daughter is a miracle that lives and breaths and her smiling face makes me cry almost every time I see it, happy tears of course. Polly knows the blessings of a life spared, she reflects those blessings in her everyday life and continually passes them on to the people around her. She is a tried and true Two-Donut Girl.

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  1. Barb,
    I am so proud to be a 2 donut girl!!! :)

    LOVE your blog and you!!

    See you two this weekend! YAHOO!!! XOXO