Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mission Accomplished

You may remember a week ago or so I said that we were trying to make Taryn her own space in the rather tiny room that the girls share. Steve and I both had the same idea but could not think of how to make it work. We wanted to integrate a twin bed underneath the loft bed, while also creating the maximum amount to storage. We both really thought that we were going to need to bolt this contraption to the existing cross pieces of the loft. I should also mention we didn't want to "build in" anything permanent, like using wood framing or anything like that. Some of the things we came up with were crazy. While on a search mission to Home Depot, Myah drew Steve's attention to something.

Recognize these? Good old heavy duty plastic shelving for the garage. Brilliant.

And who knew that if you place three sections back to back you
have the perfect dimensions of a platform for a twin mattress. The other great thing? Six bins fit perfectly underneath. That is the most beautiful thing of all, especially if you have just spent the last 7 years crawling around in a dark, over the garage, really inconvenient attic, looking frantically for snow boots on a freakishly early snowy morning.... or something like that.

One more great thing, because of the extra storage I was able to remove an old armoire that held all of the dress up clothes and doll accessories. That will free up space just on the other side of the curtain panel for a desk! This is a feature that Myah really wanted from the beginning but I really thought wasn't going to be possible. Well there you have it, an easy, affordable solution to a space crunch. Taryns bed was finished just in time for school and she loves her cozy little space and most importantly she's sleeping in it on her own. Myah saved the day and will soon be rewarded with her desk. I should buy her an ice cream cone too, ooh or maybe a donut, it is after all..... Thursday.


  1. Who would have thought? It looks really cozy.

  2. Great idea! Design Sponge beware!

  3. This is brilliant!!! Beautiful and practical!

  4. What a beautiful space...form and function! :)