Monday, September 20, 2010

Share the Love Week

Happy Monday everybody. I guess I have a little case of blog block lately. Can't really explain it, my days are full, I have things to write about, I just have been majorly discombobulated of late. It may have something to do with the early mornings now that I have a middle schooler, or maybe I haven't completely embraced the arrival of fall yet. Whatever it is, hopefully it will get straightened out soon, so to help me out of my slump I'm going to turn to my friends. Each day I'll post a friends blog or a recipe or just a picture of something that a friend has sent me. This will accomplish two things, first it will introduce you to some of my lifesavers, and secondly it will hopefully inspire you in some way too. So enjoy 'share the love week', we'll start with this post from my very good friend Pamela Querin. She's incredibly creative, talented, gifted, kind....I could go on all day, just check out this transformation.


  1. What a fun idea Barb...I'm headed off to check out Pamela's blog!

  2. Hi barb! Love this idea. By the way, that HUGE donut in the post below... what the heck? Is that from HEAVEN's bakery?


    See you soon! :) XO