Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wedding China...and a Scone

Wedding China, meet lovely blog readers.

Violets are close to my heart. They remind me of my Grandma, of Mother's Day and of spring.

Back in 1992 when I saw this Noritake pattern, LeParc, I knew they would be mine. Unfortunately the store didn't stock them for my wedding date and most people that shop at the last minute couldn't wait for them to come in. I ended up with 2 sets. Bummer.

So over the next 4 years I bought more sets whenever I could. The pattern was discontinued in 1996, speeding up the process. I ended up with service for 8 and a tea pot. I've never seen this pattern anywhere else.

It may not have been a winner with most consumers, but I'll always love it.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Daily Bread

I've been on another baking kick lately. This recipe is foolproof and simple as they come. I don't have a ton of experience with bread making, but using the kitchen aid for this one makes it easy. I put the other unbaked loaf in the freezer until the first loaf is gone and yes, it actually rises a bit in the freezer, weird. I haven't quite won the war against white flour yet in this house. I love all things wheat and bake with it a lot and the kids don't really notice, but bread... they notice. Next, I'll move on to learning a recipe with a little more nutritional value. I try to convince myself that white bread made from scratch is still better than store bought right? After I master bread making, I've already decided to tackle cheese making, I can't wait. Can you?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Early Birthday

This weekend we had a little early birthday party for Myah. We were at my parents house for a visit and everybody knows that when families are separated by miles birthdays are whenever you can arrange them.

Gather whoever can make it, grab some balloons, an ice cream cake and presto, you have a party.
We lucked out and even arranged at the last minute for Myahs friend Autumn and her parents to come. This family is very special to us. Izzy, Autumns mom is one of my very best friends from the time I was 16 til the present. We were even next door neighbors for 4 years at which time we arranged to have (or acquire in our case) these girls 6 months apart.

They grew to the age of 4 together before we crushed everyone by moving 3 hrs. away. They've stayed friends and each when asked who their best friend is will still say each other. Of course that doesn't surprise Izzy and I, we know how they feel. Distance doesn't touch friendship. Our long time friends Sandy and Dwain were able to come too. All of them together with my family of course made for great little party.

All of the people that were in our house 11 years ago on that early spring day when
Myah joined our family were together again. We're blessed to have friends and family that didn't kill us for moving away, they just take us when they can get us and make us feel loved every time we're there.

Post party, the last one standing, well he was standing two minutes before I took this picture. Grandma won. Thanks mom for throwing a party for your last daughter and your first granddaughter, we loved it.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Grateful Donut Girl

These are for you my friends, you who encouraged me greatly this week. The one who brought me emergency chocolate. The one who texted me donut pictures. The one who engaged me in a delightful chat all about donuts at church on Sunday, I think you knew it would cheer me up...and it did. I got breakfast and lunch with two different friends and a surprise supper cooked by my lovely goodness, if it was your idea to make me feel loved, you all sure accomplished the task and then some.

The biggest thing I have missed since moving to this area 8 years ago has been a sense of community. God knows I have lamented about this fact for a long time. Someone once told me that it takes 10 years to really feel at home in a new place. I think this week you all collectively sent a message, and you didn't even know you were all working together did you? Well, guess who knew and delivered this message in the most wonderful package right to my doorstep. Yes, I am grateful today.......two-donut grateful. Thank You

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Little Makeover

It was time for a little makeover. She needed an update, a new look, something to take her from day to evening.

I had just the thing. A classic do, for her rather boxy frame. No, she doesn't have the curves that others have, but that's why she's perfect. Straight lines are easier to dress after all.

Ahhh, she likes it, mid-life crisis averted..... for now.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bravery Day

I've been following a blog for quite some time now. She is Shannon, aka. Flower Patch Farmgirl. You really need to visit her blog, there's no reason for me to repeat anything to you, I wouldn't do it justice. She is an amazing writer who is able to convey so much through her words. Read back a couple of days, oh and give yourself some time, trust me you'll be there awhile. Trust me again... this post will make a lot more sense if you click on that link first.

Where to start. If you've noticed I haven't been to wordy in my posts of late. Just pictures, little explanation, nothing newsy. In fact, the other night at a Super Bowl party, one of you-my lovely followers, and my friend, noticed this little factoid and asked me about it. I think I said something like, I know, I know I'll work on that. You let me off the hook with a hug and an invite for a meal. I was clearly not feeling well that night.

Yes, it's true there is some stress in my life right now. I think I'm building my very own, personal, concrete bunker. Or maybe it's more like a pressure cooker, or possibly a panic room, do you get where I'm goin' here. Let me give you a hint, IT ISN'T GOOD.

I'm normally pretty easy going, a real stop and smell the flowers, hey let's have a donut kind of girl. But frankly, lately, raving lunatic is the word that comes to mind. If you don't believe me, I'll invite you over to see the box of broken things that is starting to collect in my laundry room. That's right, I'm throwing inanimate objects, at least so far they are inanimate. There are a lot of things that I'm discovering about myself lately.

1.) I'm really not all that patient. I thought I was, or maybe I used to be, but no.
2.) I can build unrealistic worlds and live there quite comfortably......for a little while anyway.
3.) I don't know how to handle the pressures of being a pastors wife, there I said it.
4.) I don't know how to handle the pressure of a good many things.
5.) Do I fear failure, or do I set myself up for failure? take your pick, it's bad either way.
6.) I have pmdd. I hate it. Feels like my body and my mind have betrayed me. I need to get help.
7.) Number six is probably a HUGE part of my problems right now, I'm confident that can be fixed. No worries. My cell phone however-can't be fixed, don't ever throw one of those. It's expensive. That doesn't make your husband very happy. Oh, and remember to thank your bff for giving you their very nice old phone, thus unknowingly rescuing you from said husband. Timing is everything people.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because it's Bravery Day. Because I'm joining you, my blog friends, in saying that I have no energy to handle my life on my own. Some of you are dealing with cancer, infertility, divorce, loneliness, bitterness, how do I know this? Because someone cared to ask you, and you, in an unspoken alliance with others like you and our all knowing, all powerful God decided to be brave and speak up. And because of that, someone is praying for you today, and I know someone is praying for me today, because she told me she was and I believe her. Doesn't that make a difference to you? It does to me. I have expectations today. I believe God is going to help me release the pressure on my self imposed cooker. He's going to permanently destroy that stinkin valve so that I can no longer crank up the heat. I'm going to have a short but loud discussion with satan about him using my pot to cook his supper in. It's not happening anymore..... Wow, I like Bravery Day.

Thanks Shannan, and everybody that's being brave today, tomorrow and for the duration, these pictures are for you. Oh, and I love you more than Donuts.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Donut Inspiration

Need a little inspiration today? I did.

Donut inspiration is the best kind.

Sometimes it's the only kind that works.