Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Outstanding in Her Field

You thought I was kidding didn't you.

I found a bar, a cell phone bar that is right in the middle of the lane, amazing. In this picture I am conducting real estate business. I had Deerslayer stop the truck and let me out, then I saw him pull the camera out. He was thinking of the blog, isn't that thoughtful.... now if he would just bring me a donut.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gone Again

Well I'm headed out of town yet again. This time with my lovely family to go visit the place of my birth, you know, my parents house. It's long overdue. We will lounge, visit, eat, lounge, and basically do not a whole lot of anything, like I was sayin', long overdue. Even though my parents live very close to civilization, there's no Internet, and no cell signal. We will drive down the long lane and head toward town where somewhere in the course of 4 miles, a signal appears out of nowhere, but only for a few precious moments. We will hurriedly check our messages, return calls and act like crazy people for those few precious moments. Don't get me wrong, I'm really not someone who likes to be 'plugged in' every minute of the day but when you are running a business, selling a house and doing everything else we are this summer, a few cell bars every now and then would be nice. Deerslayer will rise early and plant himself at the local coffee shop to work for awhile and if I play my cards right he'll do a little of my stuff for me to. So if you get a letter or a post from me this week and it sounds a little, well... different, it might not actually be written by me. It will be fun catching up with family and friends, lunches with my girls, and maybe a little antiquing? Yes I think so. Oh, and possibly a hair cut and new glasses. Gotta love friends in the business. I'm not sure how much attention I will be able to give the blog this week, we'll just have to see. Have a good one everybody, see ya on the flip side.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Real Miss Horseradish

Meet the real Miss Horseradish, Linda Lu. I should tell you that she would really like to be Miss Beef Jerky, but that title has eluded her for 17 years. She's the Susan Lucci of the Stillwater County Fair. She's good and kind and would just like to stop The Global Boilin'. She's an excellent singer too. I really wish you could meet her, she's lovely.

It was a great opening week The Grand Ol Jamboree. Happy audiences yet again. This picture is actually from dress rehearsal last week. I took my camera on our trek to Amish Land ready to blog about the process of opening a show and so you could see the ins and outs of our little theatre company, but upon arrival I realized I had no SD card, never put it back after the last download, oooops. So no pictures today, but we do have a local show tomorrow so all is not lost. Hopefully I can post more of the fun at the County Fair later and show you more of Linda's crazy, fun loving, singin' family. I came home laden with donuts as usual and with a new resolve to move forward with some great new possibilities for the future. More on that later.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Miss What?

Aren't you going to congratulate me? It's been a long time dream, finally realized, try not to be jealous. It will be a joy to travel the world on behalf of Horseradish. I will speak about it's virtues while being a role model to many girls, it will be wonderful.

Ok, so I'm not Miss Horseradish. This is indeed a costume for the summer show that opens tomorrow. Don't you wish you could see it and meet the real Miss Horseradish? Yes, you do. More to come.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day husband of mine. Thanks for everything you do around here.

And thanks for doing it all with a smile, we are some blessed girls I would have to say.

And notice I didn't publish the picture that proves you truly could be a plumber:) See I'm always lookin' out for you.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Things I like

Go ahead, add it to the list.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

'Tis the Season

From this........

... to this. I love strawberries, almost as much as donuts.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blue and Yellow

What a change in only 2 short weeks.

From all green....

to exploding yellow.

I don't even know what these yellow flowers are as they were already here 7 years ago when we moved here. They have spread everywhere. I've separated and moved them to many different places in the yard. They are early bloomers and a much needed jolt of color after a long winter.

I love how they look hanging out in the background of my blue furniture. This is my favorite time of year in the backyard, so I guess I'm happy the house hasn't sold just yet. I keep thinking maybe this will be our last summer with the yellow flowers. We still haven't found a property in the country, it's starting to feel like it might not happen. The showings here have been intermittent. It's ok though, we've got a lot on our plate currently and wouldn't have a lot of time to move right now anyway. So we wait and wonder about the future... don't we all. While we wait the yellow flowers keep us company.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Home Again

I'm home again, after a quick trip to the Big Apple. I told you I had some bigger fish to fry, and one of those fish involves another theatre festival in August with 34 west. This one is called The New York Fringe Festival. It is another really great opportunity for us. We are taking the same show we took to Charleston, 'My Name is Ruth'. So if you don't have plans in the middle of August and would love to see our show and some other great shows and you've always really wanted to come to NYC..... this will be really fun I promise. Our show will have you jumping for joy like the happy child below.

Ok, she's actually jumping for joy because it was her last day of school. I'm jumping too, on the inside of course. Commence sleeping in for 2 months.

And no, I have not gotten rid of the pansies yet, that will be tomorrows project, today I had strawberries and donuts on my mind. Look for something strawberryish in a post coming soon. But right now I have to continue not doing much of anything, when a person blitz's the big city there is some recovery involved, no jumping in my immediate future. But as always I hope you have something to jump for today, on the inside or the outside.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Goodbye Charleston

Reluctantly, I'm wrapping up the posts of Charleston today. I wanted to leave you with a few parting photos of the trip.

The colors, the hospitality, the history, you have it all. And the food, have I mentioned that before? Ok, maybe I have. But here is further proof...if you need it.

Amazing I tell you amazing. So on that note I will leave you, literally I'm leaving you again, I am needed elsewhere, I have bigger fish to fry...... sorry I couldn't resist. Have a two donut weekend friends..... really, do.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Charleston Part III

Here is your first clue.

Here is your second....anybody?

You guessed it, the third thing we did on our trip, the beach.

Kind of monumental for me, as I have never been to the beach. Alaska doesn't count, different kind of beach, different latitude. Never have I walked in the Atlantic or smelled the salty sea air. Deprived you say, yes I now believe I was. Our family never usually makes it past the mountains. But no more, I will return. My children will make sand castles, gather shells and drink pina coladas,.. or rather I will drink pina coladas, they will drink whatever it is children drink at the beach. See, I don't even know.

What is not to like about the beach really,

I loved it's colorful boardwalks....

and it's giant chair, but most of all.....

I loved how much he loved it.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Charleston Part II

In heaven, I want the corner booth at the Hominy Grill. That's it. That's all I want.

If I could have the specials listed everyday.......

peaches and blueberries in my pancakes....

and pudding for breakfast.

I know, most people would want to see their dearly departed relatives, ask God a hundred questions, see the seven wonders of the world......

I would do all that, after breakfast.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Charleston Part I

Our trip to Charleston revolved around 3 things.

The first and main reason for our trip was our opportunity to take part in the Piccolo-Spoleto Festival. This was a great festival and we loved being invited. In fact we loved it so much that we would love to make this an annual event for 34 west.

The theatre was a fantastic space, rustically beautiful with all it's exposed brick and old world charm.

Even the 'alley' above was beautiful. We did the loading in of the set and some of our waiting in this spot, it was no hardship I assure you. It also provided the perfect backdrop for some photos.

Steve, my fellow stage hand and sound tech...... oh, and writer/director of the play.

Jeff and Jesse humoring me as they waited to go on.

The Charleston crowds were good to us, and we enjoyed them more than we can say.

Tomorrow, part II of the trip, my blog banner should give you a clue.

Two Strawberry Day

Hi, sorry there has been such a delay with the trip pictures. We've been busy showing the house, cleaning carpets and summer planning. Yesterday was the kindergarten field trip at the farm.

I think I had more fun than the kids. This morning Taryn and I had to vacate the premises while the carpet cleaners did there thing. We went looking for strawberries and donuts of course, found both. I love strawberry season.

We stopped at the greenhouse. I need to replant my pots on my deck today too the pansies are looking like.... the pansies that they are, they've had it, but they've been beautiful throughout the spring so I guess everything has it's season. Oh, and I accidently killed the guppies. Apparently I turned up the heat instead of the filter, ooops. That's right, I'm going to do the age old trick and try to replace them before the school bus gets here. Wish me luck!

Friday, June 4, 2010

National Donut Day

How could I possibly let National Donut Day go unmarked here in Donut Land. I have a reputation to uphold after all. I wish I could say that I was out celebrating my beloved, but I was at the doctors office instead. I know, bummer. No worries though, nothing a little Nexium won't fix. I don't think I will have to give up my favorite treat, at least I'm hoping not. So in the hopes of fixing all that ails, lets commence the celebration.

Ahhh the donut case, there are few things better than this. This one looks a little anemic though I have to say, human and camera error I assure you. They were much prettier than this in person.

This is McHappy's, a lovely little donut/ice cream shop in Marrietta OH. We just happened upon it on our return trip from Charleston. You can imagine my joy. We had been in the car for about 10 hours at this point. This happy lady greeted us, I neglected to get her name. I think I was to excited about 'the case'. I'm sure I came off a little strange, all gushing about how cute and happy it looked, with my bed/car head and spinning in circles trying to take it all in.

Definitely the kind of place I would frequent. McHappy's had something for all vises... ice cream, big as your head cinnamon rolls, icy frozen drinks and of course coffee. A taste test confirmed, they were indeed as good as they looked.

So let's raise our coffee to McHappy's, as fitting a place as any to receive accolades today on this the most hollowed of donut days.

I hope that wherever you are, whatever you're doing you are having a Two Donut Day.