Monday, September 6, 2010

The Last Day Fair Part 3

This was part of our posse on Kids Day at the fair. And no, Deer Slayer never tires of children....

...or rides. He lives for this day, oh and maybe opening day of deer season.

The kids had so much fun, even though it was the hottest day of summer I think. I am so surprised nobody lost a corn-dog, with all that motion and heat.

The ride above just freaks me out, always has. I should mention I did terrible in physics class.

On to freaky, angry chicken....

This was one strange bird, he definitely didn't want me looking at him. He was giving us the stare down. I backed up more than once.

This picture is so funny to me, Taryn seems really unsure of what she's looking at, and Myah, she's like, 'bring it on, you're not that cool'.

This shot was a total accident, I didn't even crop it. Deer Slayer is unimpressed, but I really think it's sort of cool, a different angle for a chicken, yes, but interesting still I thought.

Somewhere in my rantings I promised bunnies, so here you go. The most perfect bunny. The fair ends tonight. The first day of school is tomorrow. How's that for a transition. Is it even light enough to take pictures at 6:50 in the morning? I'm not Pioneer Woman, really does school need to start that early?


  1. Early, yes. we have to leave our house at 6:20. Geeez!
    Have a great week!

  2. Great pictures and captions Barb. Loved those chickens....mighty strange ones. looks like everyone was having a good time

  3. Love the pic of Myah and bumper cars!