Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I went from Jingle, Jingle Wedding Bells to real wedding bells over last weekend.

My nephew was the groom. His bride Miranda, planned a flawless black and white themed affair. It was beautiful, every detail.

My mom and dad and the grand kids decked out in their glittery party dresses.

Now I have two beautiful nieces and I couldn't be any happier. Those nephews of mine....they're good boys.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Two Turkey Day

I know it's a bit early,

Thanksgiving is still four days away.

These two turkeys are demanding an audience.

I dare say that they won't make it until Thanksgiving day, but wouldn't they be cute sitting on on the dinner plates just staring up at your guests. I think that would be very funny.

Who wouldn't rather have Bavarian Creme stuffing anyway?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas at the Inn

You don't want to miss this....trust me.

We are all busy at work on the new Christmas show which will open to a sold out house next week at the Amish Door in Wilmot Ohio (or 'Donutland' as I affectionately call it sometimes). Things are coming along and looking good I think. I got a request for an adult size costume just like the one I made for Taryn on Halloween.

Here's how that one turned out, sorry for the blurry picture, low light I guess. I'll take a picture of the larger one tonight when I finish it. It's a little different, same gist. There's all kinds of crazy characters in this years show. 'Jingle, Jingle Wedding Bells' is the title, so there will of course be some kind of wedding dress, not sure yet what exactly it will be like. It's all peculating in my brain, waiting to burst forth. Unfortunately my best work is done in the wee hours of the morning, when it's quiet and free of distractions. I've always been a night owl. Even when the kids were babies and good sense was telling me to sleep when they slept, I still would stay up just to collect myself in the quiet of the night. Quiet...oh how I love quiet. My brain likes quiet, my soul thrives on quiet. Even if I'm tired the next day, it's usually worth it, the amount of work I can get done in the night is far and away greater than the work I do during the day. It just takes a few more cups of coffee and maybe a power nap in the afternoon, no big deal. Speaking of power nap.......

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Your Inner Star

Dear American Girl Doll Company,
YOU'RE KILLING ME. Let me back up a little....the other day I was finishing up some work and I needed to find a little project to keep my daughter busy for about 30 min.

I said, "Look honey, the new catalog came in the mail today, why don't you mark the things that you like, and we'll think about it for Christmas and your birthday." I then produced a brand new package of star Post-its, and she was off.

Thirty minutes later, she skipped past my office and deposited this on my desk.

She used the entire package of Post-its, every page was covered with at least 5-10.

She was quite convinced that she would be getting all of it for Christmas. You see somewhere in my explaining to her, I forgot to say that she should only mark a few of her very favorite things. Not 50. I am in such big trouble now, so thanks a lot.

I know what you're thinking, it's not your fault....well that's where you are wrong. Your product is too darn cute, it is too well marketed, and I .... I mean she.... loves absolutely everything and it's impossible to choose.

Then I noticed something just under the American Girl title, go ahead and read that little sentence. Uh-huh, that's right, well she followed it, no problem there, coincidence? I think not American Girl. Signed, Dead in Ohio.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Today I said goodbye to my stash of decorating magazines. I know, it was sad. The closet they have comfortably resided in is getting an overhaul. They can no longer live there. They have been given the boot. I looked through them one last time then got them ready for recycling. As I looked through them I thought about all the places we've lived, the rooms painted, updated and decorated. I thought about all 'me' time I had as I looked forward to a cup of coffee and a quick or long bit of reading on a snowy Saturday morning or a lazy hour on the back deck when the kids were in their sandbox. Once I saw them in the big box all together I shuttered to think about the money spent on them, and maybe the time that could have been better used. It was a mixed feelings sort of day today, about a lot of things. As I tore out dream rooms and houses and stashed them in a binder, just in case I might need them, I thought about life. What else am I ready to let go? What are the things taking up valuable square footage in my mind. What are the things that I'll tear out and protect. I know, deep thoughts while cleaning out a closet. Well that's me folks, I can find meaning in almost anything, for better or worse, I guess. I didn't come to any huge conclusions, just thinking, pondering, saying goodbye.....to things.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Books and Spinach

Some days I doubt my parenting abilities,

this particular moment in time.....not so much.