Friday, October 29, 2010

Two Muffin Morning

Climbing back into bed with these.....because I can.

Have a great weekend! Don't eat too much candy.

P.S. I fixed my format issues on yesterdays post, or I should say Deer Slayer did. Sorry to leave you all hanging, it was a little anticlimactic without the pictures:(

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bedroom Makeover

The before picture. Not horrible, but a little ho, hum. We actually really like the color of the walls, Krypton, Sherwin-Williams, but the problem that motivated this whole undertaking is under that quilt on the back wall.

The wall was never prepared properly for wall paper. You and I know what that means. Scraping and steaming to no avail, chunks of wall were removed every time someone tried to fix it. I've hidden it under Anglypta wall paper, and a giant quilt. It was passable but the thought of leaving that mess for the next homeowner kept me up at night. When we took the house off the market in August, the girls room was first, then this. I would also like to do the kitchen back splash and counters, but lets keep that our little secret;)

At first I wasn't really going to consult Deer Slayer in my little redecorating scheme, but since he was doing the work of repairing the wall I felt guilty. And before you think it's strange that I wouldn't consult him, let me tell you that the family room is covered with animals. Not pictures of animals... actual animals. Three deer heads, an antelope, a bear rug and a coyote pelt. So don't go thinking I wear the pants in this family. He just tends to leave the rest of the house up to me, meaning he is lucky as all get out that I agree to his 'decorating choices'.

One day I was just feeling like a true decorating collaboration was in order. I don't want him to feel alienated by a space that he shares and keeps all his clothes in. So I started asking him his opinion. I asked about wall color first and he said tan. Tan is a bad word in this house. I kept my inner screaming... well, inside and I set about changing his mind. I eventually got him to some other color choices and we arrived at the picture above. He even surprised me by mentioning that we get a new bed or attempt making something like the one above. I didn't protest, I wasn't going to go there, but I know when to jump on an opportunity. The wall color is very similar to the one we have now, but I think we'll lighten it up a bit. The room is north facing and tends to be a little dark and cold feeling. I also loved the lamps and the little striped foot stools. I was feeling very encouraged by our successful decorating compromise then after he went to sleep I found this......

This is so 'me'. I nearly fainted. I love the light gray walls, the touches of pink and the sign. I love the blankets on the perfect green chippy trunk. Sigh. Just for kicks I showed him in the morning. He said, "That's fine, we have that bed, it just needs painted black." I waited for him to start laughing.....still waiting, nothing. I said,"I won't do that much pink, I won't have a sign or a blanket that says 'Love'".....waited, "Ok", he said. Ok?, last night he wanted a tan room. Today he says "Ok" to gray and pink? Part of me is saying run to the stores and get this done before he changes his mind, but the other part is saying stick with the first picture, you both liked it, honor the fact that you collaborated successfully. So there is my dilemma, any words of wisdom?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Getting a Grip

Blogging has taken on a different look and feel for me now that the school year is in full swing. I know I've said it already, but having a middle schooler is soooooo different. She has adjusted much quicker than I have that's for sure. I feel like I need to clone myself, I know I already did, that's not who I'm referring to at the moment. I need a clone who can drive, cook, do 5th grade homework, and get up happily at the crack of dawn. My 'fly by the seat of my pants' ways are catching up with me. I find myself preaching to her about having a schedule, planning better, thinking ahead, yada, yada, yada. I need to get a grip here people. I've been a lousy example. I'm out of my element for sure. But guess what? Luckily I have people around me that have done this before, that are doing it currently and who have way more responsibilities in total than I have. It's time to listen and learn. So in the absence of a more daily blog, here are some highlights of the week so far.

Upward Basketball wrapped up it's season on Saturday. It was a great season for Myah, she loved it. What's not to love about Upward. Lesson here, the fall season is the ticket, six weeks opposed to 10 in the dead of winter. Win win.

I helped Deer Slayer with his weekly On Target program at the Middle School. Check out the kid far right, I think someone is pleased with himself.

Myah needed a costume for dance class last night. I threw this one together in a half hour. A dress up bin dress, tiara and iron on letters, the possibilities are endless. I let her pick her title, this dress had a tropical feel to it we thought and could be worn with flip flops, a plus.

The bedroom is all kinds of disarray, but progressing. I need to get out and pick a paint color.

I worked most of the day yesterday on this little number. In contrast to my easy going, do whatever you want to mom, 10 year old, the youngest member of this house has definite opinions and ideas when it comes to costumes. She formulates early, researches books and inspects my work. She trys to motivate me early and asks lots of questions along the way, just to keep me on track you know. God has a sense of humor and I have a feeling he finds much of the interaction between me and my youngest, very funny. Those of you who know me and know her undoubtedly do as well. I am happy to say that this cute dress and cape made the cut, whew. The Egyptian costume I labored over last year however, did not. You never know. And yes, I am lucky enough to have a child size dress form. I found it years ago in an antique store in Upstate NY, and couldn't wait until the kids got big enough for me to use it. In the years of costuming for 34west I have gathered quite a collection of left over bits and bobs just waiting to be made into something new. I love recycling textiles and notions, it's so rewarding to be able to come up with another entire costume out of things you already have. I know... it's the small things, they keep me goin people. Speaking of the small things, I think a trip to the farm market might be in order today......

Sunday, October 24, 2010


It's been a busy week around these parts. Zero time to blog, but much to blog about. The first item of big news, Deer Slayer has lived up to his name and provided for his family. Sorry if that is offensive, but that's how we roll. Secondly, the October murder mystery by 34West had it's opening weekend in DonutLand. The show was successful and I ate way to many creme sticks.

Thirdly, our bedroom is getting an overhaul, DS is mudding a new wall as we speak. A new coat of paint, bedding, window treatments and a couple of pieces of furniture should do the trick. Let the fun begin. I'm planning on using mostly vintage pieces, livened up of course. The budget is tight but that doesn't scare me to much. Maybe I'll try to post a few before and after projects here just to keep things interesting. This week will be another busy one, more costumes to construct (for my in house clients of the small but demanding variety:) more murder mystery craziness on the weekend, and the usual housekeeping things, cooking, cleaning, 5th grade homework. I hope this queasy feeling I woke up with goes away soon, I actually think for the first time in history, I may have eaten one to many donuts. I don't really want to see one at least for two days, then I should be better;)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday Drive and Dinner

My parents surprised us with a short visit this last weekend. I know, I know, it's Wednesday, this is old news, just stick with me for one minute. Myah used my iPhone to capture our lovely day with the parents.

This was our destination, The Spread Eagle Tavern in Hanoverton, Oh. By the way, sorry for driving like a maniac to make our reservation, I kind of forgot how hilly it is in these parts.

This place just oozes history, sorry oozes is probably not a great word to use at a restaurant. The place is huge and creaky with a brick basement like you wouldn't believe. I should mention that my dad is a brick mason and I just knew he would love this place. They also love colonial architecture and anything historic.

Our family has been to just about every historic spot worth mentioning in about a four state radius. Williamsburg, Jamestown, Mt. Vernon, Shakertown, Quakertown, ok, I made up that last one, but you get the picture. And speaking of pictures, dad was quite a photographer in his day. When the pictures got developed, there was at least 20 that were brick walls, fireplaces, streets, artistic inspiration, I get it now, it all makes so much more sense now that I'm grown up. Somehow I know you are trying to find a client this week who wants a vaulted brick ceiling, am I right? Yes, you laugh, but you are thinking about it every waking minute, I know you.

We had a lovely lunch. Our friend Aaron joined us too. Thanks Myah for your photography assistance, next time try to squeeze in your dad and little sister:)

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Diner Substitution

Deer Slayer got called away on church business today, and actually I should change his name to Deer Stand Sitter, the Slayer part hasn't happened in quite some time, I know because my freezer is fairly empty. It doesn't get much more organic than that folks. Anyway, I was saying that since he is gone today, our diner outing for Friday was cancelled. I promise you though that I can channel a diner better than anyone I know, so that didn't stop me from having Diner Friday right here at home.

Incidentally the girls were off school today, so we got out the diner cups, of which there is quite a choice I assure you. The girls chopped marshmallows like professional chefs.

I think someone loves marshmallows almost as much as I love diner cups.

This was our main course. A Pumpkin Layer Cake that my friend Nikki inspired me to make. You can check out the recipe on her blog. It's just an inspirational sort of cake don't you think? Very dinerish to. Just imagine a big wedge spinning inside one of those tall, lighted, turntable things just inside the door. I love those things.

Happy long weekend to my teacher readers, I hope you got to sleep in. Call me, I have cake:)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Surprises are the Best

Turns out that when you do a blog post about a cute empty vase, you get surprised with something to fill it,

who knew?

So that someone is going to get a surprise back, something pumpkiny and layery.

More tomorrow.....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fitting In

I love you new vase. You are the happy sort, you will fit in very well in this house.

Just don't try so hard.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Homecoming 2010

Last Friday I eluded to the fact that I would spend my Saturday evening surrounded by fishbowls, sea shells and teenagers. That is exactly what I did. I had a rare Saturday night free, my only one this month so I was very excited to be able to help out one of my very favorite families.

My friends Betsy and Paul just moved into a new house and decided that it would be a great time to break it in so to speak. So when their daughter Abby had plans to go to the homecoming dance, they thought why not throw a dinner party for 12 of her friends before the dance and invite all the parents over to continue the party while their kids were at the dance. Ambitious, yes, impossible-heck no. We used the schools theme, Under the Sea, and created a fun table scape with you guessed it, fishbowls, shells, sea glass and sand. One side note-don't give teenage boys their own votive candle and anything flammable, like little paper drink umbrellas, enough said.

By 4:00 their were at least 50 people on the lawn taking pictures.

I watched them as they fussed and pinned and I listened to them as they wondered where the time went.

I didn't have a child at this event, but the three girls in the pictures below were 7 when we moved here and I've watched them grow into three beautiful young women.



and Abby.

The whole thing went off without a hitch, the kids were happy and the parents were too.

Thanks everybody for letting me join the party, it was definitely a two-donut evening.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


If you read my very first blog you know how our first daughter came to us. You may not know however that we celebrate two birthdays for her every year. The other birthday happens to be today. Ten years ago today, the judge officially made us a family of three. Myah held the big, heavy gavel in her little chubby six-month old hands and we took pictures with our social worker, grandparents and attorney. Again, same as with the day of her birth, it was a quiet affair. Her last name was officially changed and the moment was again, bittersweet. Adoption is always bittersweet, there is always something broken and possibly bitter that presents the need for for a little one to come to you. But the sweet side is that a way is made for them to come.

The road they travel to get to you is never the same, ours happened to start out quietly, in a meeting with a birth mother. We only had to wait a week to find out that she had chosen us and we just knew after meeting with her that everything would turn out all right, meaning that if she chose to parent she was certainly more than capable, and if she chose us, then we were more than ready.

October 10, 2000 was a quiet, joyous celebration just like October 10, 2010 will be. We think more about how she got to us, we relive the events of that year, we think about her birthmother. We have a cake and maybe a few close family friends if we are so inclined. We never thought all those years ago on what was also a warm, sunny, October day that on her adoption birthday, someday, she would be 10 yrs old on 10/10/10. It is pretty darn cool though, just like our firstborn, Myah Jillian Scott.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Diner Friday

This morning we went to a local diner called The Landmark Restaurant. I've driven past here millions of times, it happens to be across from our mall and shares a parking lot with Jo-Ann Fabrics. This was my first visit. It was very typical of a diner, the food was good, nice waitresses, and very little atmosphere. It was really clean though just like last weeks place. I ordered the eggs benedict and hash browns, it was good. The best surprise was finding a donut case at the check out counter. I hadn't seen it on the way in, I know, strange. I can usually smell donuts a mile away but I think I got thrown off by the fog of smoke we walked through at the entrance. A nice, very old couple just couldn't wait any longer so as soon as they hit the exit they lit up. I'm sure they miss the old days when places like these were host to masses of smokers.
It brought back memories of the donut shops when I was little, they were just lined up with old men drinking their coffee and smoking.

We waited until the kids got home from school to crack into the donuts. They were really good and I was happy to find them in that part of town, as there aren't any others very close and I go by that corner a lot. So all in all, a fun date, a good breakfast, and the donut treasure found. A great start for what looks to be a beautiful weekend.

I'm doing something a little out of the ordinary tomorrow, it involves teenagers, seashells, fishbowls, loads of food and lots of other things, be sure to stop back.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I don't always have a plan. There I said it. I will pause now for those of you who know me well to stop laughing....... Is that long enough? Ok, good. Maybe I should have stated that differently. Sometimes I do have a plan. That's funnier isn't it.

I'll let you in on a little secret, you will not die if you don't have a plan. The benefits are many. First off, life will be full of little surprises. Some people like surprises. Secondly, every day is different, no boring routine. No lists to keep track of, no wasted trees. Thirdly, you get to drive everyone around you crazy everyday. They ask you things like "Do you even own a calendar?" My response is yes, I have a Mary Englebreit calendar that is very cute, why clutter it up. You have to be ready for the look of consternation, I am personally well acquainted with that look.

It has it's downfalls yes, that I will admit, you have to navigate in a world of 'super planners' without looking like a total idiot. You have to know how to throw around the lingo so that you get a shred of respect from people. You just keep your commitments, try not to screw up and you're home free. Sometimes it will feel like you live on an Island and everyone is zooming around on jet ski's while you are trying to enjoy a lovely picnic lunch.

Some of the time you'll get to see things that no one else will, beautiful things, things that can only be seen 'off the grid' as I like to say. Those moments will compensate for the ones that you feel alone on that island. And sometimes, you can bat your eyelashes and someone will sit down and enjoy your picnic with you.

Those moments are two-donut priceless.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Honeycrisp apples and farmers cheese shredded and folded into vanilla pancake batter served with warm rum raisin syrup and butter, mmmmmm. We carved out a couple of hours on Saturday morning to find a great breakfast and I would say that we probably found the best breakfast in Columbus, Oh. We devoured this lovely concoction at Skillet. A little restaurant in the German Village that specializes in urban, rustic, food. Check out the link and go to the menu, you won't be sorry. The chef is a genius. After breakfast we had a little time to go to the Short North and see this store. We had two great shows this weekend on our little jaunt across the state. We finished up last night in Cincinnati and made our last stop on our way home.

Sonic burgers, tots and shakes. It's a rough job, but somebody has to do it.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Diner Friday

Deer Slayer and I had a few rare hours together this morning so he took me to breakfast.

This is C's Waffles in North Lima, Ohio. He meets one of his friends here regularly for lunch. It's a diner, no frills, good coffee, friendly people, just like it should be. They are known for waffles, hence the name of the restaurant, and I like a good waffle, so there was no 'waffling' about what to try. sorry.

This is the banana-split waffle with strawberries. And it was as good as it looks. So we got to thinking, why not visit a new diner every Friday. We, like any couple struggle to find/make time to do something fun, and it would be fun to blog about and breakfast food is my favorite. We have the next two Fridays figured out, but are open to your suggestions for after that.

Well now I'm off with the plaid brothers for another weekend adventure in theater, have a great weekend everyone.