Friday, September 3, 2010

The Fair Part 1

In case you weren't sure what they sold in this particular booth.....

....this might help you out. I wish their signage was just a little more helpful.

Taryn's choice,

Myah's choice,

The Judges choice- 1st place cake.

more tomorrow.....


  1. hi Barb!
    I love your blog so much. I just caught up and guess what? My blog is moving to a BLOGGER account and soon to be totally re-done. yahoo!

    Just wanted to say hi and I all your pics, the girls are so cute, and it's just such a great pit stop for me! :) and YAY for donuts. I kid you not, each time donuts are involved, I think of YOU. We made pumpkin donuts in honor of Ohio State's first game of the season. You would have loved them!

    Hope to see you guys at the reunion?
    oh and the pic on my blog from today might have some familiar faces in it!!

    Say hi to Steve from D.


  2. The pic of the donut stand makes me miss the fair!