Thursday, June 3, 2010


I am home from Charleston. We had an absolutely fantastic trip. My iphoto is bursting with things to show you. First and most importantly, the show brought down the house. Everyone left with a huge smile on there face. There was much cheering and happiness. Everyone really appreciated the simple, true, lovelyness of 'My Name is Ruth'. No problems with production what so ever, no surprises, just thankfulness in our hearts for the shear experience of being a part of it all. I think we were a breath of fresh air, a welcome change in what can sometimes be a heavy, dark world. Biblically based theatre is not the norm out there people in case you haven't noticed lately. It would be considered by some to be a huge risk I suppose. Risk schmisk, people loved it, even if they weren't familiar with the story of Ruth. It just so obviously left them extraordinarily filled with joy. And that is what it's all about people, a real two-donut kind of feeling.

So I'm recovering and reconnecting to my family. I can't really post as much today, as a little six year old missed me and won't let me out of her sight. I must say I'm eating up her attention until p.m. kindergarten starts later today, then I have to speed clean as there is a showing of the house today. I must say I'm still in celebration mode, not cleaning mode, but I better change that pretty quick. Here is what we've been doing today so far. I bought the blocks in Charleston in a beautiful little toy gallery. I think they are a huge hit. Stay tuned this week for more on my momentous trip to Charleston. Oooh that sounds exciting, doesn't it?


  1. Love the blocks. Can't wait to hear more. Love you....

  2. Love your blog. You bring joy to me & my family!