Friday, June 4, 2010

National Donut Day

How could I possibly let National Donut Day go unmarked here in Donut Land. I have a reputation to uphold after all. I wish I could say that I was out celebrating my beloved, but I was at the doctors office instead. I know, bummer. No worries though, nothing a little Nexium won't fix. I don't think I will have to give up my favorite treat, at least I'm hoping not. So in the hopes of fixing all that ails, lets commence the celebration.

Ahhh the donut case, there are few things better than this. This one looks a little anemic though I have to say, human and camera error I assure you. They were much prettier than this in person.

This is McHappy's, a lovely little donut/ice cream shop in Marrietta OH. We just happened upon it on our return trip from Charleston. You can imagine my joy. We had been in the car for about 10 hours at this point. This happy lady greeted us, I neglected to get her name. I think I was to excited about 'the case'. I'm sure I came off a little strange, all gushing about how cute and happy it looked, with my bed/car head and spinning in circles trying to take it all in.

Definitely the kind of place I would frequent. McHappy's had something for all vises... ice cream, big as your head cinnamon rolls, icy frozen drinks and of course coffee. A taste test confirmed, they were indeed as good as they looked.

So let's raise our coffee to McHappy's, as fitting a place as any to receive accolades today on this the most hollowed of donut days.

I hope that wherever you are, whatever you're doing you are having a Two Donut Day.


  1. My family lives not too far from Marietta, Ohio...I will have to ask them if they have ever been to McHappy's. I like the lady behind the counter smiling....and the big cupcake picture above her head. That cupcake would look great hanging in my pantry!

  2. Crud! I didn't get the memo. Oh girl, do I ever love a doughnut. Apple Fritter! Lemon filled! Custard filled! Yowza.