Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Two Strawberry Day

Hi, sorry there has been such a delay with the trip pictures. We've been busy showing the house, cleaning carpets and summer planning. Yesterday was the kindergarten field trip at the farm.

I think I had more fun than the kids. This morning Taryn and I had to vacate the premises while the carpet cleaners did there thing. We went looking for strawberries and donuts of course, found both. I love strawberry season.

We stopped at the greenhouse. I need to replant my pots on my deck today too the pansies are looking like.... the pansies that they are, they've had it, but they've been beautiful throughout the spring so I guess everything has it's season. Oh, and I accidently killed the guppies. Apparently I turned up the heat instead of the filter, ooops. That's right, I'm going to do the age old trick and try to replace them before the school bus gets here. Wish me luck!


  1. Hey fish slayer, nice biscuit banner

  2. It didn't take long did it? Love your blog!