Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blue and Yellow

What a change in only 2 short weeks.

From all green....

to exploding yellow.

I don't even know what these yellow flowers are as they were already here 7 years ago when we moved here. They have spread everywhere. I've separated and moved them to many different places in the yard. They are early bloomers and a much needed jolt of color after a long winter.

I love how they look hanging out in the background of my blue furniture. This is my favorite time of year in the backyard, so I guess I'm happy the house hasn't sold just yet. I keep thinking maybe this will be our last summer with the yellow flowers. We still haven't found a property in the country, it's starting to feel like it might not happen. The showings here have been intermittent. It's ok though, we've got a lot on our plate currently and wouldn't have a lot of time to move right now anyway. So we wait and wonder about the future... don't we all. While we wait the yellow flowers keep us company.

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