Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Home Again

I'm home again, after a quick trip to the Big Apple. I told you I had some bigger fish to fry, and one of those fish involves another theatre festival in August with 34 west. This one is called The New York Fringe Festival. It is another really great opportunity for us. We are taking the same show we took to Charleston, 'My Name is Ruth'. So if you don't have plans in the middle of August and would love to see our show and some other great shows and you've always really wanted to come to NYC..... this will be really fun I promise. Our show will have you jumping for joy like the happy child below.

Ok, she's actually jumping for joy because it was her last day of school. I'm jumping too, on the inside of course. Commence sleeping in for 2 months.

And no, I have not gotten rid of the pansies yet, that will be tomorrows project, today I had strawberries and donuts on my mind. Look for something strawberryish in a post coming soon. But right now I have to continue not doing much of anything, when a person blitz's the big city there is some recovery involved, no jumping in my immediate future. But as always I hope you have something to jump for today, on the inside or the outside.

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