Thursday, June 10, 2010

Charleston Part III

Here is your first clue.

Here is your second....anybody?

You guessed it, the third thing we did on our trip, the beach.

Kind of monumental for me, as I have never been to the beach. Alaska doesn't count, different kind of beach, different latitude. Never have I walked in the Atlantic or smelled the salty sea air. Deprived you say, yes I now believe I was. Our family never usually makes it past the mountains. But no more, I will return. My children will make sand castles, gather shells and drink pina coladas,.. or rather I will drink pina coladas, they will drink whatever it is children drink at the beach. See, I don't even know.

What is not to like about the beach really,

I loved it's colorful boardwalks....

and it's giant chair, but most of all.....

I loved how much he loved it.


  1. Beach! Beach! I LOVE the beach! :)

  2. Great pictures of Charleston...never been there. I thought of you right away when my son asked if we could suprise daddy with DONUTS on Father's Day! :) Great idea!