Friday, October 1, 2010

Diner Friday

Deer Slayer and I had a few rare hours together this morning so he took me to breakfast.

This is C's Waffles in North Lima, Ohio. He meets one of his friends here regularly for lunch. It's a diner, no frills, good coffee, friendly people, just like it should be. They are known for waffles, hence the name of the restaurant, and I like a good waffle, so there was no 'waffling' about what to try. sorry.

This is the banana-split waffle with strawberries. And it was as good as it looks. So we got to thinking, why not visit a new diner every Friday. We, like any couple struggle to find/make time to do something fun, and it would be fun to blog about and breakfast food is my favorite. We have the next two Fridays figured out, but are open to your suggestions for after that.

Well now I'm off with the plaid brothers for another weekend adventure in theater, have a great weekend everyone.

1 comment:

  1. Wow that looks yummy!
    I think breakfast is the best meal of the day and a breakfast date is just fun. :)

    Sooo when shall you move to Ft. Wayne? I can find you some yummy eats here.