Sunday, October 10, 2010


If you read my very first blog you know how our first daughter came to us. You may not know however that we celebrate two birthdays for her every year. The other birthday happens to be today. Ten years ago today, the judge officially made us a family of three. Myah held the big, heavy gavel in her little chubby six-month old hands and we took pictures with our social worker, grandparents and attorney. Again, same as with the day of her birth, it was a quiet affair. Her last name was officially changed and the moment was again, bittersweet. Adoption is always bittersweet, there is always something broken and possibly bitter that presents the need for for a little one to come to you. But the sweet side is that a way is made for them to come.

The road they travel to get to you is never the same, ours happened to start out quietly, in a meeting with a birth mother. We only had to wait a week to find out that she had chosen us and we just knew after meeting with her that everything would turn out all right, meaning that if she chose to parent she was certainly more than capable, and if she chose us, then we were more than ready.

October 10, 2000 was a quiet, joyous celebration just like October 10, 2010 will be. We think more about how she got to us, we relive the events of that year, we think about her birthmother. We have a cake and maybe a few close family friends if we are so inclined. We never thought all those years ago on what was also a warm, sunny, October day that on her adoption birthday, someday, she would be 10 yrs old on 10/10/10. It is pretty darn cool though, just like our firstborn, Myah Jillian Scott.


  1. A day I will never forget. I can still picture Myah sitting on the judges bench with that gavel in her hand. Still brings tears to my eyes. What a wonderful day it was. Love you Myah.

  2. Smiling through tears and rejoicing in God's perfect plan for your family. Big hugs to Myah. Love you, friend.

  3. THAT first post is my all time fave and this is now my 2nd. LOVE.