Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I don't always have a plan. There I said it. I will pause now for those of you who know me well to stop laughing....... Is that long enough? Ok, good. Maybe I should have stated that differently. Sometimes I do have a plan. That's funnier isn't it.

I'll let you in on a little secret, you will not die if you don't have a plan. The benefits are many. First off, life will be full of little surprises. Some people like surprises. Secondly, every day is different, no boring routine. No lists to keep track of, no wasted trees. Thirdly, you get to drive everyone around you crazy everyday. They ask you things like "Do you even own a calendar?" My response is yes, I have a Mary Englebreit calendar that is very cute, why clutter it up. You have to be ready for the look of consternation, I am personally well acquainted with that look.

It has it's downfalls yes, that I will admit, you have to navigate in a world of 'super planners' without looking like a total idiot. You have to know how to throw around the lingo so that you get a shred of respect from people. You just keep your commitments, try not to screw up and you're home free. Sometimes it will feel like you live on an Island and everyone is zooming around on jet ski's while you are trying to enjoy a lovely picnic lunch.

Some of the time you'll get to see things that no one else will, beautiful things, things that can only be seen 'off the grid' as I like to say. Those moments will compensate for the ones that you feel alone on that island. And sometimes, you can bat your eyelashes and someone will sit down and enjoy your picnic with you.

Those moments are two-donut priceless.


  1. Thank you to those of you who routinely get off the jet ski's for me, I love you more than donuts.

  2. barb,
    loooove this post. I am a planner but not a keeper of plans. life would be SO much sweeter if I didn't plan so much, huh?


    Are those pumpkin donuts per chance?

  3. Well said :)
    Plans (like control) are often illusions anyway...