Monday, October 11, 2010

Homecoming 2010

Last Friday I eluded to the fact that I would spend my Saturday evening surrounded by fishbowls, sea shells and teenagers. That is exactly what I did. I had a rare Saturday night free, my only one this month so I was very excited to be able to help out one of my very favorite families.

My friends Betsy and Paul just moved into a new house and decided that it would be a great time to break it in so to speak. So when their daughter Abby had plans to go to the homecoming dance, they thought why not throw a dinner party for 12 of her friends before the dance and invite all the parents over to continue the party while their kids were at the dance. Ambitious, yes, impossible-heck no. We used the schools theme, Under the Sea, and created a fun table scape with you guessed it, fishbowls, shells, sea glass and sand. One side note-don't give teenage boys their own votive candle and anything flammable, like little paper drink umbrellas, enough said.

By 4:00 their were at least 50 people on the lawn taking pictures.

I watched them as they fussed and pinned and I listened to them as they wondered where the time went.

I didn't have a child at this event, but the three girls in the pictures below were 7 when we moved here and I've watched them grow into three beautiful young women.



and Abby.

The whole thing went off without a hitch, the kids were happy and the parents were too.

Thanks everybody for letting me join the party, it was definitely a two-donut evening.

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  1. Barb -- One of the biggest reasons for the party's success is because you were a part of it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking this on and giving it your "Martha Stewart" touch! As I said, "Everyone needs a Barb!" So glad you were able to join in on the festivities!
    Love, Betsy