Friday, October 8, 2010

Diner Friday

This morning we went to a local diner called The Landmark Restaurant. I've driven past here millions of times, it happens to be across from our mall and shares a parking lot with Jo-Ann Fabrics. This was my first visit. It was very typical of a diner, the food was good, nice waitresses, and very little atmosphere. It was really clean though just like last weeks place. I ordered the eggs benedict and hash browns, it was good. The best surprise was finding a donut case at the check out counter. I hadn't seen it on the way in, I know, strange. I can usually smell donuts a mile away but I think I got thrown off by the fog of smoke we walked through at the entrance. A nice, very old couple just couldn't wait any longer so as soon as they hit the exit they lit up. I'm sure they miss the old days when places like these were host to masses of smokers.
It brought back memories of the donut shops when I was little, they were just lined up with old men drinking their coffee and smoking.

We waited until the kids got home from school to crack into the donuts. They were really good and I was happy to find them in that part of town, as there aren't any others very close and I go by that corner a lot. So all in all, a fun date, a good breakfast, and the donut treasure found. A great start for what looks to be a beautiful weekend.

I'm doing something a little out of the ordinary tomorrow, it involves teenagers, seashells, fishbowls, loads of food and lots of other things, be sure to stop back.


  1. We have a few diners near us that we've never been too...I like your idea of trying something new near you. We don't get to go out to eat too when we do, I like it to be a tried and true place! Maybe someday we venture out of our comfort zone!
    Can't believe you didn't see the donuts on your way in!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. oh heavens, donut case at a diner.

    Makes me think of the Andy Griffith show. The best show ever.