Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bedroom Makeover

The before picture. Not horrible, but a little ho, hum. We actually really like the color of the walls, Krypton, Sherwin-Williams, but the problem that motivated this whole undertaking is under that quilt on the back wall.

The wall was never prepared properly for wall paper. You and I know what that means. Scraping and steaming to no avail, chunks of wall were removed every time someone tried to fix it. I've hidden it under Anglypta wall paper, and a giant quilt. It was passable but the thought of leaving that mess for the next homeowner kept me up at night. When we took the house off the market in August, the girls room was first, then this. I would also like to do the kitchen back splash and counters, but lets keep that our little secret;)

At first I wasn't really going to consult Deer Slayer in my little redecorating scheme, but since he was doing the work of repairing the wall I felt guilty. And before you think it's strange that I wouldn't consult him, let me tell you that the family room is covered with animals. Not pictures of animals... actual animals. Three deer heads, an antelope, a bear rug and a coyote pelt. So don't go thinking I wear the pants in this family. He just tends to leave the rest of the house up to me, meaning he is lucky as all get out that I agree to his 'decorating choices'.

One day I was just feeling like a true decorating collaboration was in order. I don't want him to feel alienated by a space that he shares and keeps all his clothes in. So I started asking him his opinion. I asked about wall color first and he said tan. Tan is a bad word in this house. I kept my inner screaming... well, inside and I set about changing his mind. I eventually got him to some other color choices and we arrived at the picture above. He even surprised me by mentioning that we get a new bed or attempt making something like the one above. I didn't protest, I wasn't going to go there, but I know when to jump on an opportunity. The wall color is very similar to the one we have now, but I think we'll lighten it up a bit. The room is north facing and tends to be a little dark and cold feeling. I also loved the lamps and the little striped foot stools. I was feeling very encouraged by our successful decorating compromise then after he went to sleep I found this......

This is so 'me'. I nearly fainted. I love the light gray walls, the touches of pink and the sign. I love the blankets on the perfect green chippy trunk. Sigh. Just for kicks I showed him in the morning. He said, "That's fine, we have that bed, it just needs painted black." I waited for him to start laughing.....still waiting, nothing. I said,"I won't do that much pink, I won't have a sign or a blanket that says 'Love'".....waited, "Ok", he said. Ok?, last night he wanted a tan room. Today he says "Ok" to gray and pink? Part of me is saying run to the stores and get this done before he changes his mind, but the other part is saying stick with the first picture, you both liked it, honor the fact that you collaborated successfully. So there is my dilemma, any words of wisdom?


  1. Argh---I am dying to see your inspiration pics but I can only see your original bedroom pic (beautiful, btw). Is this a problem on my end? I'm frantically clicking refresh, hoping they'll appear. Waaaaa---but girl, you make me smile big! :)

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  3. Can you incorporate bits of both? Some of the color scheme from the photo you really love with some of the style from the photo you collaborated on? Or vice versa?