Sunday, October 24, 2010


It's been a busy week around these parts. Zero time to blog, but much to blog about. The first item of big news, Deer Slayer has lived up to his name and provided for his family. Sorry if that is offensive, but that's how we roll. Secondly, the October murder mystery by 34West had it's opening weekend in DonutLand. The show was successful and I ate way to many creme sticks.

Thirdly, our bedroom is getting an overhaul, DS is mudding a new wall as we speak. A new coat of paint, bedding, window treatments and a couple of pieces of furniture should do the trick. Let the fun begin. I'm planning on using mostly vintage pieces, livened up of course. The budget is tight but that doesn't scare me to much. Maybe I'll try to post a few before and after projects here just to keep things interesting. This week will be another busy one, more costumes to construct (for my in house clients of the small but demanding variety:) more murder mystery craziness on the weekend, and the usual housekeeping things, cooking, cleaning, 5th grade homework. I hope this queasy feeling I woke up with goes away soon, I actually think for the first time in history, I may have eaten one to many donuts. I don't really want to see one at least for two days, then I should be better;)

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