Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Have I told you how much I love spring? I'm sure I have, but just in case you forgot......

I also love friends who lend you their expensive camera for the week because yours died. I'm having so much fun, you will definitely see that this week.

This rose bush decided to try to unlock this door, I love it, took a million and one pictures of it.

This one is begging to be just a little blurry don't you think? Anyone know where these were taken? The first correct comment wins ...... a donut!


  1. Considering the prize I definitely have to comment. South Jefferson St in good old Pandora Ohio would be the location of that rose. You know why that rose is trying to unlock the door????......Because it wants to take a joy ride in that Cherry Red 1986 Z-28 which is sitting right behind that door. Now about that donut....I'll take a creme stick!

  2. I must get you an Amish Door creme stick they are far and away the best creme sticks I've had so far. Thanks for playing, loyal follower! Someone could steal that car now couldn't they?

  3. Please steal it! What a load off of our hands! The key to that door is hidden in not such a tricky spot... :)