Thursday, April 15, 2010

Donuts and a Show

It's Thursday, and Thursday means donuts. I'm finally back on track on the donut front, had a few glitches over the last two weeks, but I'm back. Today's lovelies came from The Dutch Haus Bakery in Columbianna OH. Locals here know, these are great donuts. This is one of those places that you usually have to get to early in the day because if you go later in the day and lets just say you promised some little kids in your car chocolate frosted chocolate donuts....well you might not be the most popular mommy in the car. I arrived at noon today and was happy to see they had a full case.

Ahhhh, the donut case, few things in life make me quite as happy as this. Almost as happy as this guy, and why shouldn't he be, he has the dream job.

Speaking of dream jobs, I think I have one too. What other job allows you access to some of the best donuts in the state, and how many bosses would bring you an entire box of creme sticks at midnight after a show, that you couldn't be there for. I'm not sure but I think they know my love language. The reason we're around donuts in the first place is that we perform at Inns that have bakeries somewhere on the premises. The company is called 34 West, and these are my bosses.....

If you want the fancy professional photos, use the link. This is your backstage pass. This is where we spend a lot of time, in green rooms if you will. There is a lot of waiting in live theatre, eating and waiting. Anything can happen when you are passing the time. Today, we made a food sculpture with our scraps...

I think this is pretty impressive for scraps, you could probably talk somebody into eating this... again. In fact that could be a great coffee table book, Second Hand Food, you know kind of like Martha's version, Everyday Food. I like it, that has potential. See these are the kinds of things we talk about in the 'green room'. Now you know.

So as long as I sit here, push the right buttons at the right times, and light the actors when they want it and not when they don't, I get donuts. Easiest job in the world:)


  1. LOVE it! :-) (somehow my earlier comment didn't "stick"...)

  2. Michael has picked out his filled stick from the picture above and is wondering if it's in the mail??? :)