Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Here are a couple more photos of the house. This is our one and only full bath. I wish I could show you before pictures, but it has taken so long to redo this one little room that I can't even remember if I took any. But I can tell you that there were spindles, sponge painting, and a lovely shell sink. We did this room on a serious budget, probably around 1,ooo dollars. We replaced everything except the tub and surround, it was still in good shape. Once the major things were replaced it took me a good two years to decorate it, why? I have no idea. But it's finally finished. Except for the other day I opened the medicine cabinet and a little black part came shooting out at me. It was a little piece of hinge that Kohler will be sending me anytime now. Actually that was the third thing to break in one week, first was the garage door, then the dryer and finally the cabinet. I hope that's it for awhile. The wide-angle lens is great, I mailed off the pics to the realtor tonight. More to come tomorrow, pictures, donuts and a show!

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