Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Small, Town Tour

The house I grew up in was in between two small communities, I was born in one but went to school in other. Went to movies in one, church in the other. Ice Cream in one, pizza in the other. Great friends, in both. So this is just a small tour of the larger town, Bluffton.

I ate lunch here on many a Sunday, it's changed hands since, but the sign remains. The artist above has painted many murals in surrounding communities, I wanted say hi, but would you interrupt that? I kind of felt like a stalker as it was, with my big lens from across the street and all.

There's also a few of my favorite things.....

(the quilt I'm currently working on is from this stash of 1930's repro feedsack)

the quilt shop dog....who wouldn't concentrate on the camera because every time the bell on the door rang she turned her head,

...and last but not least, what town would be complete without an antique store. Many great things have come out of this store. Well that concludes the small, town tour. I hope you liked seeing a slice of my past and my present, since most of these places are on my list of things to do when home visiting. I can't believe it but I forgot the great coffee shop where I had one of the best cranberry muffins ever and the bakery-butcher shop where I had one of the best cinnamon roll ever, not on the same day though. Oh well, another trip.

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