Monday, April 12, 2010

Peep Roast

We didn't set out to roast peeps.... but the marshmallows in the cupboard were slightly expired and you can't have a bonfire without marshmallows right? So we improvised.

Now I can tell you that Deer Slayer was extremely skeptical, and already in a slightly foul mood to begin with, so this was kind of a hard sell. I assured him there would be no flaming peeps, just lightly browned ones, 'think creme brulle', I said.

He relented and handed Taryn this giant peep the size of her head. OK it's not a giant peep, I didn't do this on purpose, he was just handing her some chocolate and this happened.

And I should be honest, I was in a foul mood myself, none of us were wanting Spring Break to be over and we've been pushing ourselves a little hard lately. So we were trying to force ourselves out of our moods ..... by burning cute, little, sugar, chicks. Yeah, now I think it sounds pretty weird, but last night.... just seemed like the right thing to do:)