Thursday, July 29, 2010

Two-Custard Thursday

This trip has turned into the Frozen Custard Tour of Brookfield WI. Monday was Kopp's, Tuesday was Oscar's, and Wednesday was Culver's. I didn't have my camera last night, so I didn't get any pictures of Culver's. It was amazing though, we had something called a concrete mixer, a blizzard like concoction of whatever toppings you like. The flavor of the day? Nutter Butter. Deer Slayer was in heaven, he loves Nutter Butters and I never buy them. I try to avoid packaged cookies and snacks for the most part at home. This trip has for certain has wreaked havoc on whatever good I was trying to do with our diets. So back to the frozen custard, I did a little research. You can check that out if you wish. All of these custard places also have burgers and chicken sandwiches and great looking fries. Tonight we will try to sample some of those things too, as we are planning a return trip to Culvers. I will most assuredly try to take pictures of this trip. I've given up on donuts altogether for this week, I'm distracted by custard, you would be too!

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