Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday from WI

Day 2 started at the Mission Cafe. This is the coffee shop that I referred to yesterday in my post. We dropped the girls off at day camp and went inside to do a little catch up work on the computer.

This coffee shop is as nice or nicer than any you would come across on the street. It has everything.

There were lots of people meeting together and some working by themselves just like in any coffee shop.

But then I noticed the walls. Pictures of children and people from all over the world, beautiful pictures, and I found out that all of their proceeds go to support local and global missions. Pretty cool. Then around 10:45 we started shooting archery again with the kids.

This is a cute one, she invited us to have lunch with her today, so we did, wouldn't you?

This is our whole group, Camp Northwoods.

Then after all the kids went home, we found more custard.... for supper.

Then our evening was spent doing an extra event with the church. They had fishing, a dog demonstration, free food, and of course archery. It was a long day, a good day, a hot day, and I've never been so happy to take a shower and get into bed day. Still no luck on the Donut front, I don't think I've ever gone this long without one and Thursday is fast approaching. It's the donut crisis of 2010. Ok, that's a little dramatic, I think I've been in the sun to long.

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  1. No donut shop.....keep looking. I love the coffee shop pictures. It must be a lifesaver for you and Deerslayer. I know how you love your coffee. Love the pic of Myah with her custard. Yummy I'm sure.