Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday from WI

I didn't think last week was enough chaos, so I traveled 10 hrs. to do it again. Only this time we're the guests and someone else is in charge.

Welcome to Vertical, a summer day camp of Elmbrook Church in Brookfield WI. This is a day camp program for 1st-6th graders, and I've never seen anything like it in the 20 some years I've worked with kids. There are hundreds and hundreds of children here every week for 7 weeks throughout the summer, doing everything from cooking and crafting to junk yard wars.

It is a well oiled machine to say the least. The day camps that we have at our church have been patterned off of this program. Deer Slayer went to seminary with the Children's Pastor here at Elmbrook. That's why we're here this week, he wanted us to come and run the Archery Range for their camp called Northwoods.

For those of you that don't know, Deer Slayer started a non-profit shooting sports ministry a couple of years ago, it's called On Target Outfitters. He's cut back to 32 hours with his current job as a Children's Pastor and has been steadily increasing his time with this new baby. Well actually the baby is more of a toddler now.

If you thought he was in his element before, check back now. This is truly his dream job. And who doesn't want to be married to someone who's living his dream. So of course I'm happy to be here with him this week. Yes, it's hot and we're in a parking lot. Yes, there is a fair amount of chaos in close proximity to me, but.... it really is fun. Oooooh and because this church is really, really enormous, it has it's own Starbucks like coffee shop with wi-fi. The blogging will continue this week, and somewhere, somewhere in this place is a secret donut room, at least that's what Myah, my 10 yr old said to me today. I promised her I would find it.


  1. Wow - looks intense! & fun - have a great time! And eat more frozen custard - looks amazing!

  2. What an amazing looking place! Hope you can find the donut room (have one for me :). I can't believe you had to sleep in your truck- what an experience.

    Enjoy your wisconsin adventure!