Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Two-Donut Dinner

Tonight we went to some friends house for dinner. I fully intended to take pictures of the meal, as they are great cooks, but we were all so hungry, we just dove in. We had chicken enchiladas and all the things that go with that, guacamole, salsa, beans, rice, tomatoes and peppers from their garden. They are so wonderful, they keep having us over and insisting on hosting because they have two very young boys that go to bed early, and it's just easier for them. We don't complain. I have to say she even made chicken nuggets for the kids, knowing they might not be enchilada fans, silly children. Upon observing the nuggets I realized they were not of the frozen variety, they were indeed breaded and fried from scratch. Amazing. We had a wonderful time, talking and holding the baby, who by the way, has just been finally given a clean bill of health after some scary weeks of testing for some pretty awful things. We rejoiced with them and felt their relief as they thanked God for the miracle he performed for them.

These pictures are of their little garden off the patio, it is small but mighty, and beautiful ( just like their baby boy Derek). We enjoyed some of it at dinner, and I can tell you those banana peppers packed a wallop. So, thanks Jen and Jon for a wonderful evening, it did our souls good. It was definitely a two-donut dinner.

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