Friday, July 9, 2010

Guests and Dinner

I love drop ins, and these drop ins are some of the best ever. The tall one in blue is my nephew, Michael G., the girl to his right is his wife, Annie. Michael is 10 years younger than me. My sister, his mother is 15 years older than me, which always made Michael seem more like my little brother than my nephew. And believe me, no ten year old was happier with her new little play thing. The other two boys in the picture are lifelong friends of his, I've known them for a very long time as well. I watched all of them grow up and it is a real joy to get to see them as adults. That means I'm getting old:( I still feel like I'm in my twenties sometimes. They liked the crumb cake, so it's a keeper, you'll find it here. But a word of warning, the batter is good, really good.

They were only here for an hour and a half, as they were on their way to Pittsburgh for a Dave Matthews concert. So..... after they left I moved on to dinner.

This recipe is from the new Paula Dean Magazine, it was good, easy to make and picture worthy. We grilled some BBQ chicken and had some corn on the cob, a great summer meal.

Well I'm off again tomorrow, I leave for NYC very early in the morning, back on Tuesday. Wish me luck, let's hope surprise public speaking is not part of the agenda this time.

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  1. We should have stayed for dinner, too! :) Loved the visit! You're the best! We had a blast with the girls on the way home too!