Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot Days, Cool Friends

This is Tom T. He's sail's, he cooks, he's a killer photographer, Apple junkie, and all around cool guy. The Guy below only wishes he were the the guy above. Tom and his lovely wife let us swim in their equally lovely pool. They are the generous sort, the kind you are blessed to call friends.

Myah, Taryn and my friend Pam enjoying a balmy night at the pool.

Tom even got a picture of me when I wasn't paying attention, so I guess you all get to see my new haircut. Enjoy these hot days, think back to the 2 feet of snow in January and bask in the sun ..... for 5 minutes, then go inside and have a slushy. By the way, nobody makes a slushy like my friend Tom T.


  1. Cute haircut Barb!
    That's a hat wig in the first picture, right? My son tried one on at the beach last looked so funny!