Monday, August 30, 2010

These Two

At church today I talked to a friend about this being the last year of high school for her daughter. I could tell she was fighting tears as she is already thinking ahead to next year. Then I read this blog later in the day. Seemed like the day wanted to remind me of something. Today I broke up arguments, took away TV, and banned ice cream. I know that someday I will wish I could do all of that again. The time will go fast, I have so much to teach them. Myah wants to be a marine biologist, hence the shark tooth necklace in the picture... end of story. Taryn wants to move to France and be a chef. I will come with her of course and live downstairs she says. I will take care of her babies, her many babies, all with french names. I asked her if her husband will mind if I'm so close by, she said no, he will let her do anything she wants. Huh, those french husbands sound like easy guys to get along with. It's fun to listen to their dreams. They are so different. Myah, matter of fact. Taryn, master planner of everything. Myah, as flexible as the day is long, Taryn....not so much. Myah, longing for a room and bed of her own...Taryn, not so much. Taryn isn't so keen on sleeping by herself, but tomorrow we will try to change that. She's getting her own twin size bed to tuck under the double loft bed, a change motivated by the quickly approaching new school year. They will also get a new color for the walls and some much needed storage and maybe even some study space, if we can fit it all in...Ikea will help. So for now, I will enjoy each little milestone as it comes, each dream, and yes, each little drama, and try not to cry when they go back to school next week. I said try.


  1. Your girls are beautiful! It's so fun watching all of these completely different personalities unfold around us... We are blessed, aren't we? :)

  2. It will go fast, Barb! I have two who are out living their dreams and one left at home planning his life (chef and cooking school in France for him, too!) I would love to go back to the chaos of having them all at home on occasion. Not permanently, mind you - just for little snippets every once in a while.