Friday, August 13, 2010

Studio B and a Blueberry Cream Puff

We had a little brush up rehearsal tonight in studio B. All of our props and set pieces are already across town at the Connelly Theatre, so it was just the actors and their fearless director.

I choose this picture because they really look like they are listening, when we all know they just really want him to be done.....

...... so we can eat this.....

Align Center
......and this. Happy friday everyone, next time you hear from me our first show will be done and I'll have a whole weekend's worth of things to tell you, and judging on how full our days have been, it could be one doozy of a post.

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  1. Ok so here's the deal. You need to figure out how to make this because as far as cream puffs go that could compete with Schmidts puffs. Wish I was tasting the New York bakery's finest with ya! Have Fun