Sunday, August 22, 2010

Goodnight Ruth

Ruth and Boaz took their final bow tonight as the lights went down at the Connelly Theater. We had a great run... and run we did at times. We are all looking back over the events of these last 2 weeks, and the many weeks leading up to the festival, and we are slightly awestruck at what has just happened. I think if you would have told us two years ago that we would be able to put a set up and down in 15 minutes, navigate a labyrinth of subways in a timely manner, walk miles in 90 degree heat in full costume and makeup, we would have said you were quite seriously nuts. I guess when you have something to share with the world, or the NYC Fringe in this case, you take the chance, these opportunities don't come everyday. I'm so proud of my friends, they persevered in difficult circumstances, braving not only the literal heat but the figurative as well. Turns out some of the inhabitants of this city are a little jaded... who knew. I think they didn't want to like us, didn't want to give us a second thought, but what they didn't know is.... that is completely impossible. 'Ruth' moved grown men to tears, and made college girls giggle incessantly. She even charmed a self professed skeptic. I personally received the greatest gift from 'Ruth', a true friend, Maggie Donnelly. She charged into this endeavor after a long summer working for the Illinois Shakespeare Festival. She's as wonderful in person as she is as Ruth. She adds life to every moment and makes me laugh until I cry. I look at this whole experience, this whole crazy experience and I just might be the most blessed person on this planet. I should take this moment to thank the academy.... I mean, my wonderful husband for keeping the home fires burning while I'm away, my kids for letting mommy go to the big city, and 34west, quite possibly the greatest gig in the industry. So there you have it. There's more, but I'll save it for a rainy day, which might be tomorrow....


  1. It was so wonderful to read this post! I've had such a magical time over the last two weeks here in NY with you guys and I'm glad to have found a friend in someone as talented, sweet, and wonderful as you! Here's to more fun trips, zany laughs, and donuts...but of course!

  2. What a great post. The final curtain must have been somewhat "bitter-sweet". I'm so proud of all of you. A great job and WOW what great reviews. Love you.

  3. How did you find out about the fire at home? Just kidding. The girls and I are proud of you. This was a huge step for you and you did it. Congrats on the great costume reviews. Looking forward to having you home.