Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dinner and Something New

So....what do you eat when you've just arrived home from a week and a half excursion, the contents of your fridge are....well.....a week and a half older than when you left them, and you're leaving again for another excursion tomorrow so it doesn't make sense to buy groceries? Don't worry, I won't let the suspense kill you.

You study the pantry, pull out a can of tuna, dig around in the produce drawer for something that isn't shriveled up, a lemon in my case, then you go outside and grab a handful of basil and put all of that in a food processor with some olive oil. Then you pull out the old George Forman grill, that you're sainted Mother-in-law bought you, oh... let's just say 15 yrs ago or so. Butter the bread that your lovely husband brought home last night
(along with the rotisserie chicken) that saved supper and put it all together, sprinkle with shaved Parmesan, because who doesn't have Parmesan, and grill away. Marvel at how smart you are as you listen to the lovely sizzle, then remove the beautiful and healthy sandwich and take a picture of it with your new camera. Did you like that? A huge, grammatical train-wreck of a story, to tell you that I finally bought a new camera. My really generous, wonderful, friend informed me before my trip last week that he would like to borrow his camera back. Now that he has me addicted to Nikon crack, he needs it back. It's like he has a new girlfriend or something, and she's moving away and he wants to take her picture so he has something to remember her by, or something, whatever. I have really important things to photograph, like dinner, dessert, possibly even breakfast, and donuts...... for the love. What was I to do about the donuts? So, desperate time called for desperate measures. I payed a visit to our lovely neighborhood camera store and spent an obscene amount of money. Actually I can't even believe he ever even let me touch his camera in the first place. I wasn't able to duplicate what he had, but I came pretty close. I'm really excited, I've never really owned my own camera before, I've always had hand me downs or 'borrowed' other peoples stuff. I still have a lot to learn. I'm planning on taking classes in September and reading my manual cover to cover. Hopefully you will see the fruits of my labor here, where donuts and other things picture worthy, matter. See you on the flip side.