Monday, August 23, 2010

The Final Countdown

My friends go home tomorrow. I'll stay a few more days and work for another wonderful company. They are the Sossy Mechanics and are finishing their own fantastic and successful run. I am lucky to be working for the two best shows at the Fringe. Add to that a fantastic venue, venue director and box office manager and you have a best case scenario that I wouldn't change for anything, not even donuts. Strong language, I know. Speaking of donuts... the sainted box office manager brought me one from The Doughnut Plant. It was quite possibly the best donut I have ever had. I will be taking a trip there myself when Deer Slayer comes on Thursday. He and I will spend the day here before going home on Friday morning. I will show him around, take him to some of the great places we've been and introduce him to some of the amazing people I've met, all the while trying not to get hopelessly lost. I can't wait for him to come. My crazy summer will officially be over in four days and school will start very soon, there is much to be done, but it can all wait because I will be hugging my children non-stop from now until they get on the school bus..... something tells me they won't mind.

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  1. Enjoy these last days with your kiddos before school starts! The Doughnut Plant's donuts look somewhat healthy! No trans fat! I would try the lavendar one!