Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wedding China...and a Scone

Wedding China, meet lovely blog readers.

Violets are close to my heart. They remind me of my Grandma, of Mother's Day and of spring.

Back in 1992 when I saw this Noritake pattern, LeParc, I knew they would be mine. Unfortunately the store didn't stock them for my wedding date and most people that shop at the last minute couldn't wait for them to come in. I ended up with 2 sets. Bummer.

So over the next 4 years I bought more sets whenever I could. The pattern was discontinued in 1996, speeding up the process. I ended up with service for 8 and a tea pot. I've never seen this pattern anywhere else.

It may not have been a winner with most consumers, but I'll always love it.


  1. It's lovely. Just like its owner.

  2. A little visit to your blog calms and refeshes me. Thank you, friend, for doing what you may not even realize you're doing. Thanks for bringing balance and calm and beauty to the lives of those around you. Love you, girl.