Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Early Birthday

This weekend we had a little early birthday party for Myah. We were at my parents house for a visit and everybody knows that when families are separated by miles birthdays are whenever you can arrange them.

Gather whoever can make it, grab some balloons, an ice cream cake and presto, you have a party.
We lucked out and even arranged at the last minute for Myahs friend Autumn and her parents to come. This family is very special to us. Izzy, Autumns mom is one of my very best friends from the time I was 16 til the present. We were even next door neighbors for 4 years at which time we arranged to have (or acquire in our case) these girls 6 months apart.

They grew to the age of 4 together before we crushed everyone by moving 3 hrs. away. They've stayed friends and each when asked who their best friend is will still say each other. Of course that doesn't surprise Izzy and I, we know how they feel. Distance doesn't touch friendship. Our long time friends Sandy and Dwain were able to come too. All of them together with my family of course made for great little party.

All of the people that were in our house 11 years ago on that early spring day when
Myah joined our family were together again. We're blessed to have friends and family that didn't kill us for moving away, they just take us when they can get us and make us feel loved every time we're there.

Post party, the last one standing, well he was standing two minutes before I took this picture. Grandma won. Thanks mom for throwing a party for your last daughter and your first granddaughter, we loved it.

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  1. Barb, as always it was great seeing you guys this weekend. Even though it was quick it was special, like always. It is amazing to me that Myah is 11. She is as much of a blessing now as she was 11 years ago.