Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Grateful Donut Girl

These are for you my friends, you who encouraged me greatly this week. The one who brought me emergency chocolate. The one who texted me donut pictures. The one who engaged me in a delightful chat all about donuts at church on Sunday, I think you knew it would cheer me up...and it did. I got breakfast and lunch with two different friends and a surprise supper cooked by my lovely goodness, if it was your idea to make me feel loved, you all sure accomplished the task and then some.

The biggest thing I have missed since moving to this area 8 years ago has been a sense of community. God knows I have lamented about this fact for a long time. Someone once told me that it takes 10 years to really feel at home in a new place. I think this week you all collectively sent a message, and you didn't even know you were all working together did you? Well, guess who knew and delivered this message in the most wonderful package right to my doorstep. Yes, I am grateful today.......two-donut grateful. Thank You


  1. just caught up on your blog, and I loooooove it! All the short posts, the ones abouts donuts, recipes, the girls, new chair re-dos and all of it. I love. Just wanted to tell you that. Hugs from us to you guys!!! XO