Thursday, February 24, 2011

Daily Bread

I've been on another baking kick lately. This recipe is foolproof and simple as they come. I don't have a ton of experience with bread making, but using the kitchen aid for this one makes it easy. I put the other unbaked loaf in the freezer until the first loaf is gone and yes, it actually rises a bit in the freezer, weird. I haven't quite won the war against white flour yet in this house. I love all things wheat and bake with it a lot and the kids don't really notice, but bread... they notice. Next, I'll move on to learning a recipe with a little more nutritional value. I try to convince myself that white bread made from scratch is still better than store bought right? After I master bread making, I've already decided to tackle cheese making, I can't wait. Can you?


  1. HI Barb...your bread looks real good. Are there recipes that use both wheat & white flour? Bread making is fun. Now you make me want to try it. Love you....

  2. Hi Barb! I love your blog and your beautiful photos. I ordered a ricotta and mozzarella cheese-making kit from this website:

    You don't really need the kit for ricotta, but it worked beautifully for the mozzarella. Have fun!

    Christine (Allen)

  3. And the nutella on that bread fresh out of the oven is really quite lovely!