Friday, January 14, 2011

My Gift

Wish you were here.

It just seemed like good day for brownies, and these are no ordinary brownies. I can't give you the recipe though, as they were a gift from a friend. The beautiful cake plate also a gift, same friend. I know, you want my friend to be your friend, sorry.... mine.

The table was Deerslayers grandmothers. Thousands and thousands of cookies were rolled out on this very table, nary a scratch on it's lovely enamel. She was famous for her cut-outs at Christmas time.

Big day tomorrow for us. Deerslayer has organized an archery tournament at one of the local schools. There will be about 50 kids from 5th-8th grade participating. It should be fun. It has been great working with him on the non-profit business. I'm learning the ropes and enjoying it.

If only the target was a donut, I think I'd hit it every time.


  1. Hi Barb......great blog....Aunt Evelyn would be so proud to think her table is still being used. It has seen hundreds/thousands of her famous wonder she was called the "cookie Lady"....

  2. Cool table! Nice looking brownies! And I pity whatever you're aiming at in the parking lot!