Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Last year my Christmas presents from Deerslayer were these lovely Rachel Ray pots and pans. I've used them for a whole year and I love them. They are extremely easy to clean and the orange handles make me happy.

This year my sainted Mother-in-Law bought me all the utensils to go with them. I did not see this coming at all. Happy indeed.

Now that our schedule has lightened up a lot, I'm am pleased to get back to my usual lunch routine. Oh, my goodness she said the word schedule and the word routine in one sentence. If I say the word list and plan in the next sentence you will know someone is holding me hostage. No, I'm all by myself today, no one is here, it is beautifully quiet, amazingly quiet. Can you tell I'm happy about that little fact.
Yes I'm back to my 'lunches for one' where I eat whatever I want, no complaining little people, no husband to fill up, just little old me. I clip out recipes that I know won't fly with the general populous of people in this household and make them. Actually I don't even use a recipe half of the time, I just use the time to experiment with different flavors and herbs and such. Many happy accidents have resulted, even some that I do use for the family. I don't spend a lot of extra money on this venture, believe me I can make a bag spinach and some goat cheese last awhile. I have some blogs I visit regularly for new ideas and inspiration, other moms that have undoubtedly discovered the joys of 'lunch for one'. I know a lot of moms who feel guilty spending even one half hour on themselves during the day....I'm not one of them. I figure that I work second shift really, from the time that first child arrives home until around 9:00pm, I'm on family time. Then husband time kicks in after that for a couple of hours. It just works best if I get some of my creative angst out of the way early in the day. I was born with a lot of it, if I don't find little outlets for it my system goes haywire, hence the photography, the sewing, the cooking, the decorating. Living artfully I guess you'd call it. I like it. I have to do it. It's the way I was made. Try it, start little, stay little if you want, but try it. And my male readers, I know you're out there, it applies to you too. Buy donuts for your families this weekend, bring them home and pull out a nice platter and arrange them. Sit down together and have a chat, serve them milk in nice glasses, (notice I've avoided the word pretty) and enjoy each others company. They will love it, and it will make you happy too!


  1. Hi are way to kind..."sainted"..??
    As always, I enjoy your blogs.....some make me laugh/smile some make me teary..... Love you

  2. This salad looks scrumptious and the picture inspired me to make one like it for myself. Tasty!

  3. Still waiting for my platter of donuts. I'll even leave the platter on the counter...