Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Donut Post

It's been a while since I've posted about donuts and I do have a reputation to uphold now don't I, so yesterday a friend and I went on a little outing. The destination was IKEA which is about an hour away in Pittsburgh. In a little town about half way there is a donut shop called DeAngelis Donuts, their tag line? Delightfully Different Since 1947.

The case did look a bit different, the varieties were just a little different also, it took a minute to take them all in and make a decision. I decided on a Boston creme, chocolate frosted pictured above, and of course took some home to the donut lovers I've spawned. I'd have to say that their claim of being delightfully different, seemed true. My friend Betsy and I decided that the creme was wonderful and the dough was actually not as sweet as usual. It did make for a 'delightful combination'. The old fashioned glazed was called Maple Glazed, as were many of the other varieties I noticed. Now, I'm sorry to say that I'm not a big fan of maple, so I was worried that many of the donuts would be ruled out for me, but I bought one anyway. Taryn was my tester, she calls all glazed donuts 'sticky donuts' and this is primarily what she orders. I knew she wouldn't let me down, turns out she loved it, maple and all. The glaze was ever so slightly maple flavored and again, 'delightfully different' held up. This morning, I had just a nibble of the sugar donut and even day old, it was light and fluffy. All in all a good donut shop, complete with quirky, very pleasant workers. There were of course tons that I didn't try, so a return trip will certainly be needed so that I can make an entirely accurate assessment:)

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