Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Donut Toast to 2011

Today I am ringing in the new year in style. Jammies and Chinese take-out, in bed, watching TV with my chickies. No church, no plan, no problem. Just Sesame Chicken, something on a skewer and Hannah Montana Forever. Well first we watched HGTV's Dream house and Myah will be registering everyday to win it, who says I can't delegate. My mood as depicted by Taryn's new Buttery fly mood necklace is excellent. I even entertained (or rather scared) the children with a rousing rendition of Oklahoma. I'm not sure where that came from, maybe my late 80's Glee Club days. There is a point here and I'm getting to it, I promise. As everyone weighs in on New Years resolutions, and thoughts about this coming year, I will simply tell you that I am going to live this year. You mean like live it to the fullest? Yes, hopefully. Live like there is no tomorrow? Maybe, if it applies. Live like no one else? Well, I'm not anybody else, so yes. You see I'm in a unique position, we all are. We don't get to choose, or plan, or predict. And if you think we do, I must have missed that memo. The split second things that change your life are going to happen, it's silly to live like they won't. The difference between last year and this year is that last year only lives on in your memory, it controls you only if you let it. The future is wide open, don't try to control it, you'll only be disappointed. I can't be upset about what I can't control, let's be honest, the list is long. I can only do what God has put right in front of me for now. I've made some decisions of late, I will no longer be working for 34west. It is a decision that was beyond difficult to make. I had to laugh a little this morning as I watched Miley Stewart struggle with the decision to give up Hannah Montana. Even though I'm not giving up an alter ego rock star image, I am giving up something I dearly love. I just simply can't do it all and do it all well. I need and want to support Deerslayer in his non-profit venture, I think it's a great thing and I think it's grown to where he needs me, and I'm happy to be needed. His official job as a Children's Pastor will be ending in May, although his life's work will always be about children and youth, a w-2 won't reflect that after May. This year will be a huge transition, we will need to sell the house and find a simpler spot to be. We need to fix a few things that have been neglected and concentrate on the task at hand. To tell you the truth, what I found daunting a few weeks ago, I no longer do, I feel ready, strangely calm. In closing, I would like to thank those of you who know this story and stay around helping us and listening to our crazy rantings. To all of you who haven't met me face to face and still listen to my crazy rantings. There is nothing I wouldn't do to have donuts with all of you and tell you how much I love you. So raise your donuts high and toast to 2011, what you hold only one person knows, so let's make it a two-donut year!


  1. Oh sweet donut lady! How I love to read your blog! I understand the emotions of letting go of one thing to grab hold of the important. I'm doing it once again too. Just quit my 'job' to start working with Ren and start my own practice as a life coach. It's exciting- but ... oooh a new adventure! Brie was so happy to see you the weekend. She says you are so beautiful- and so are your girls. So excited for you and Deerslayer! So thrilled that the dream is finding fulfillment. Love you all!

  2. Oh, my sweet friend, I really wish we were sitting face to face over a cup of coffee. I wish I could tell you--to your face---how much I love and appreciate your heart; how I admire and respect your obedience, even when it's hard; how I am so over-the-top thankful that God brought you back into my life. I'm rejoicing in the ways He is blessing your marriage, your family, and your ministry. Know I'm praying for you all as a new year of joys and challenges begins. It's gonna be good. :) Love you, friend.