Saturday, May 1, 2010

Shows and After Shows

This weekend we've been at one of our out of town venues. I love coming here. The country air, slower pace, antiques, and donuts might have something to do with it. Antiques and donuts sound strange in the same sentence, don't they? True we work when we are here (some of us work a little harder that others:), but we do have our fair share of fun. I'll start with 34 West after show hang out in the country.

Yes, this is where the cool kids hang out, unfortunately the cool kids are about 20 years younger than us. This is a safe place where the youth of the surrounding communities can come and have a great time, they have a huge TV, games, pool tables and everything else you could ever want in a great youth center. Why do they let us in you ask? Well fortunately for us they don't discriminate. I think during the week they probably offer lots of things just for kids, but their weekend nights draw a few 'older patrons'. And we eat, a lot, so we are effectively supporting the ministry.

This makes us very happy after a long day of loading up, driving, setting up, and of course doing the show. The food here is beyond fantastic and this guy......

well what else do I need to say, this is Jason. He always welcomes us warmly and based on this picture, enthusiastically. He lets us stay way past our welcome and never kicks us out. He is passionate about this ministry and he is perfect for the job. So thanks for everything Jason, your place is truly one our happiest places.

See how happy this guy is?