Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Day After

I know you aren't supposed to connect food to emotion, but I just went through the Dunkin drive-thru to console an inconsolable 6 year old. You see today we said good-bye to our two little World Help choir girls. I'm not allowed to post pictures, but I don't really need to to tell you what a wonderful, experience this was. Not only did they perform like real pros, they gave us a challenge and an opportunity to feel compassion, not just pity, but real gut wrenching compassion, the kind Jesus has. They tour and perform to raise awareness and funds for plain old everyday water. The kind that won't kill your family members one by one, the kind that makes it possibly for you to go to school, not spend your day walking hours to retrieve something that looks like mud, the kind we go directly to one of the many faucets in our homes any time we want to. The children leave whatever is left of their families, or orphanages or schools to tour our land of plenty for one year. They keep a grueling show schedule, sleep in a hundred or more beds, meet many, many, clueless little american kids and they do it all gladly, smiling, and grateful for the opportunity. Their chaperones and directors love them. They first have to teach some of them about unconditional love, because some have no concept to begin with, can you imagine having to teach someone about love, so they can feel it for the first time at 8, 9, or 10 years old? Yes, this was an eye-opening experience for many people. I'm so proud of my girls and all the host families who entered in to this experience with zero trepidation. Most had no idea what to expect, all had life changing experiences. We will never know the impact a few days made here in our town, we won't see the money given, the prayers offered, the tears shed, we won't even see these beautiful children again this side of heaven but we know that God sees it all, feels it all, and loves our compassionate souls because He is the maker of the most compassionate soul. And incase you were wandering, this is what it looks like, when God breaks your heart, you'll know it when it happens, it changes your perspective, makes you feel, compels you to love like He loves. May this happen to us all, amen?


  1. Wow.....I'm still wiping the tears.....what a blessing it must have been for you & Steve and the girls to host these children.

  2. Amen!! So right...we're on the same sidewalk, huh?